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  • The beautiful Texas sky

  • Main street

  • Water towers in Bowie

Click here to sign the petition against a wind farm in Montague County

It is imperative that we have as many citizens of Montague County sign this petition as possible! We need to let our local authorities know our stance so that they don’t do something we will regret.

Inform your representative

Let your commissioner know your stance! Tell them to vote NO on subsidies and tax breaks for Big Wind. Click here to find your commissioner’s information.


Donate to the Montague County Heritage Association to help spread the word about wind farms. All donations go straight to protecting our county from this plague!

About this website

This web site belongs to the Montague Countians Against Wind Farms community, which is a community organization seeking to maintain the integrity, history, and land values of Montague County and to preserve its aesthetic, cultural, heritage and recreational values for the benefit of future generations.

The Montague Countians Against Wind Farms community is dedicated to keeping Montague County wind farm free. If you believe that wind farms are a good idea, or if you simply do not know much about them, we challenge you to read these web pages with an open mind.

If you read nothing else, watch this video. It was shot in Canada with real people dealing with the wind turbine issues. You can put a name from Montague County on each person. If you’re in the mood for watching more videos, click here to check out the dangers that windmills pose, giving you an idea why these machines aren’t allowed near population centers.